We have 19th century classrooms, 20th century teachers, and

21st century kids.

About EYF


Envision Your Future® (EYF) is an evidence-based, non-clinical, positive youth development program that guides youth to build their Emotional and Social Intelligences and the intrinsic motivation to make healthy choices in behavior, friends and their education.


That every child has the opportunity to create and activate their dreams for living a happy and productive life.

Our Mission

EYF champions youth in:

  • Clarifying their dreams
  • Developing a personal blueprint
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Identifying the people and resources to help them accomplish their dreams

“Connecting with today’s kids because their future matters!”

Educators play a central role in Social Emotional Learning (SEL).  Our program, Teaching 21st Century Kids® (T21CK), gives educators an understanding, the connection and the tools to bring their EQ and SQ to the their students and create a safe community of excitement in learning.

EYF nurtures the best in our youth
by noticing what is right and
building on their talents and skills.

The students receiving Envision Your Future are exhibiting the social / emotional intelligence to make good choices in behavior and their education.

Melville L. Morgan, Ph.D., Superintendent, Pojoaque Valley School District, New Mexico

I believe the work of Envision Your Future is grounded in a clear understanding of and an abiding commitment to the fullest potential of today’s young people, who are so often misinterpreted and unfairly labeled.

Scott Degraffenreid, Social Network Analyst and author of Understanding the Millennial Mind: A Menace or Amazing?

I facilitated Envision Your Future to approximately 300 youth in Valencia County. There are very remarkable themes that present themselves: development of pro-social skills, identification of a path to their dreams by developing ability to achieve short and long-term goals. We witnessed significant positive behavioral and academic changes.

Ginny Adame, Senior Certified Prevention Specialist

There are many programs that provide good information to our kids, but they do not change behavior. Envision Your Future gets kids to make positive choices.

Frank Magourilos, MPS, SCPS, ICPS

Bringing Envision Your Future’s parent involvement program, “Be Above the Influence”, to our school district reduced the recidivism for students caught with drugs or alcohol from over 90% to less than 15%.

Gary Johnson, Director of Security and Discipline, PVSD

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