For Educators

Our children are the living messages we send
to a time and place we will never see.

Dr.Patty O’Sullivan’s Teaching 21st Century Kids® (T21CK) goes beyond computers and the Internet as the primary source of change in the classroom.  We recognize the significant role educators have in the lives of their students in preparing them for a happy and productive life. Teaching 21st Century Kids starts with gaining an understanding of Gen Z and how to connect and effectively communicate with them.  Educators are given time to reflect on their own EQ and SQ and, together with their students, create a community of excitement in learning. 

T21CK is a one-day (7-hours) interactive, experiential workshop for teachers/school staff. The workshop offers strategies for exceeding goals and working with immediate challenges without adding another layer of work in the classroom.

T21CK is designed for principals, educators, counselors, social workers, prevention specialists and youth workers and can be brought to your school or district.

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