EYF For Youth

There are many programs that provide good information to our kids, but they do not change behavior.
Envision Your Future gets kids to make positive choices.

– Frank Magourilos, MPS, SCPS, ICPS

Master Classes

8 Master Classes facilitated for your 5th through 8th grades which are implemented over the course of the school year by an EYF certified facilitator from your school or program. The 2-day facilitator training is provided on-site at your school or organization.


  • Inspires hope for the future
  • Cultivates Social and Emotional Intelligences
  • Strengthens critical and innovative thinking
  • Improves written and verbal skills
  • Encourages positive behavior and choices

EYF is facilitated by your trained personnel in:

Schools – Educators, Counselors, Social Workers and Staff Members
Youth Programs – YMCA, Community Centers and City Youth Programs
Prevention/Juvenile Justice

A youth’s life changing experience with EYF

More Programs

Parents, Tweens & Teens


Youth Health Literacy

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