Overview of Programs


Envision Your Future® offers positive youth development programs and workshops for youth, parents, educators, counselors, social workers and prevention specialists.


For Youth 

Envision Your Future (EYF):  8 Master Classes facilitated for your 5ththrough 8th grades which are implemented over the course of the school year by an EYF certified facilitator from your school or program.  The 2-day facilitator training is provided on-site at your school or organization.


Teaching 21st Century Kids® (T21CK) goes beyond computers and the Internet as the primary source of change in the classroom.  We recognize the significant role educators have in the lives of their students in preparing them for a happy and productive life. 

Parents, Tweens & Teens

We offer two signature programs to Re-Boot your relationship and open honest communication with your kids.  The 2nd program, “Be Above the Influence”, additionally provides an understanding of the effects of alcohol and drugs on a youth’s brain development..

Youth Health Literacy

YHL strengthens and supports young people’s ability to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services so that they can take care of themselves through good decision-making.