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Re-BOOT your relationship with your kids and open honest communication.

Part 1: A 1/2 day (4-hour) workshop for parents and their tweens/teens.

Re-BOOT your relationship with your kids and create your own winnable approaches with this timely workshop designed for parents and their teens. Discover ways for cracking the code of misunderstanding, mistrust and ghosting (shutting down communication).

Be Above the Influence: Alcohol and Drug Prevention

An eight hour class given over four evenings or on a weekend.  Be Above the Influence opens honest communication with parents and their teens along with a clearer understanding of the long term effects of drugs and alcohol on the teen brain.


  • Gain Mutual Understanding
  • Build Trust & Respect
  • Increase Appreciation
  • Express Acknowledgement
  • Improve Communication
  • Uncover Ways of Deepening Relationships
  • Reduce risky behavior

Incarcerated Youth

A word from community leader Deacon Anthony

Bringing Envision Your Future’s parent involvement program, “Be Above the Influence”, to our school district reduced the recidivism for students caught with drugs or alcohol from over 90% to less than 15%.

– Gary Johnson, Director of Security and Discipline, PVSD

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