Assessment and Evaluation – Envision Your Future®, positive youth development program, and Teaching 21st Century Kids ®, at 6th Grade Academy, Pojoaque Valley School District, NM, from September 2016 to December 2016


Envision Your Future is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation formed in 2005.

Envision Your Future (EYF) offers programs and workshops using a common methodology developed by Dr. Patty O’Sullivan. The EYF methodology starts with imparting an understanding, for educators, of how to communicate effectively with youth (Gen Z). EYF promotes and cultivates in youth the capacity to solve their everyday challenges and to know that they can make a profound difference in the world.

Pojoaque Valley School District (PVSD)Assessment for 6th Grade Academy

PVSD is a public school district with grades k-12, located about 25 miles north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Student population at Pojoaque Valley Sixth Grade Academy (SGA) is: 81% (126 students) Hispanic; 3% (4 students) Caucasian; 15% (24 students) American Indian; and .6% (1 student) African American. Ninety families are below the poverty level. The 6th Grade Academy is housed in a separate building, near the middle school, and eases the transition for students moving into Middle School.

Envision Your Future (EYF) was implemented in two of the six classrooms at PVSD Sixth Grade Academy (SGA). There were eight, one hour lessons delivered in each of the two classes. Those two classrooms will be referred to as intervention groups. The remaining four classes will be referred to as comparison groups. Quantitative data and qualitative data indicated that the EYF program continued to have a positive impact on the students at SGA. The following data is in support of the results:

Common Formative Assessments are teacher created Common Core State Standards aligned assessments. Math Common Formative Assessments, CFAs, administered in October 2016 as a pre-test showed that the intervention group pass rate was 6%. The comparison group pass rate was 9%. Post-test results in November and after the implementation of the EYF program showed an 82% pass rate for the intervention group and a 76% pass rate for the comparison group. The intervention group increased their score by 76% as compared to the to the comparison group that increased their score by 67%. This resulted in a 9% increase in the intervention group when compared to the comparison group.

Accelerated Reader is a NMPED recognized Reading Assessment Program that assesses reading comprehension. When students read a book at their grade level (ZPD), they take a comprehension quiz and must pass with an 85% or higher to receive points. By December of 2016, all classes should have accrued 500 points collectively. Only three of the six classes met the goal. Both classes in the intervention group met their goal of 500 points or more. Only one class in the comparison group met the goal.

By September 27, 2016, 8% of students from the intervention group had been referred to the principal or discipline officer. 11% of students from the comparison group had been reported to the principal or discipline officer. By December 16, 2016, 6% of students from the intervention group had been referred to the principal or discipline officer, while 13% of students had been reported by the comparison group.

Patty O’Sullivan, Ph.D., Developer of Envision Your Future & Teaching 21st Century Kids

Mario Vigil, Principal, 6th Grade Academy